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Unlocking New Revenue Streams in Urban Parking & Mobility

Traffic Bid revolutionizes urban mobility with personalized parking and transportation choices powered by AI.

Real-Time Mobility Solutions at the City Toll Barrier

Toll Barrier Integration

Seamlessly integrate with the city’s toll barrier system to provide real-time mobility options to approaching drivers.

Personalized Recommendations

Leverage real-time data to deliver tailored parking and multimodal transportation choices based on the driver’s destination.

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust parking and transportation prices based on demand, incentivizing drivers to choose sustainable options during peak hours.

The Problem

Escalating Challenges

Urban parking and mobility challenges are escalating, leading to increased congestion, wasted time, and frustration for drivers.

Changing Needs

Drivers with traditional and hybrid habits have different, flexible needs from day to day and our cities’ traffic conditions change frequently.

Inefficient Systems

Traditional parking and transportation systems often fail to provide users with convenient, reliable, and affordable options tailored to their changing needs.

Choices tailored to each driver's changing daily needs

Reserved premium parking 

Traffic Bid offers drivers premium reserved parking at a parking lot adjacent to destination.

Reserved parking within walking distance 

A more affordable option with a short walk.

Park and ride

Park at the city outskirts and use a Mobility as a Service solution to ride to destination.

New Revenue Streams

Parking Reservations

Drivers can reserve guaranteed parking spots in city centers, a scarce and valuable commodity, for a fee.

Alternative Transportation

Integration with MaaS apps provides users with seamless access to public and shared transportation options, generating additional revenue.

New User Acquisition

By extending the reserved parking offering to toll payment app users, Traffic Bid can attract high-paying customers.

Partner with us

We are reaching out to partners in the industry to build out the next generation of convenient mobility solutions.

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Daniel Sarfati: Founder & CEO

Doctor in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
As CEO at Applango, Daniel has created multiple predictive AI solutions in the Enterprise and Call Center worlds.

Samir Varma: Founder & CSO
Technologist and inventor. Samir holds a Ph.D. in Particle Physics from Texas University at Austin.
A highly experienced AI algorithm designer, Samir founded one of the earliest quantitative trading strategies and has created and managed a wealth of programming, modeling and scientific knowledge.